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Just as Sri Lanka has diverse destinations, so are the tours we arrange for you to experience them. Our trips are designed to give you flexibility, choice and pace and decide how you want to travel around this Red Hut Tours we call home. At Red Hut Tours we don’t just sell a tour – we design a holiday that’s made for you with the greatest care and attention. Every member on our team has intimate knowledge of every destination we take you to. This makes a big difference to how your tour is designed – because they are people who have actually made the trip, done the hikes, cooked the food, set up camps and checked in and out of each hotel we promote. We have been in this business of travel for so long that we understand the changes which have happened over the years and we have designed our holidays to fit these evolving times.

As a company we are constantly on the lookout for new experiences, new destinations and new adventure to share with travellers on all kinds of budgets.

From a single traveller, to a couple, a family or a large group of travellers, we are happy to guarantee a Red Hut Tours experience and we promise the best most reliable attention we think you deserve.